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I just don’t get ship wars.

In OUaT, I ship Captain Swan, which I believe is totally canon. Just because, you know, the shows creators and actors have all said so. But whatever. If you ship something else, good for you! Write your fics, post your pics and enjoy it. I don’t care. Why should you care if a ton of people love CS? It has zero affect on how the show is going to shake out anyway.

On the opposite end, I ship a completely and totally non-canon couple (Nallen) on NCIS: LA, and apparently that somehow offends people. Why? It doesn’t even threaten your ship! It doesn’t really exist on the show, WTF is the problem with me shipping something you don’t? It’s just my personal opinion; mind your own business.

Do. Not. Get. It.

(gif not mine, but I love it!)

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